I'll Give You 30 Minutes Of Value....

You Will Walk Away With At Least 3 Things That Will Help You Drive More Customers To Your Business From Your GMB Listing

PS: This is a guaranteed no Pitch  meeting , that's all up to you to ask for further help and only if you choose ! 

GREG Malone

Required More Leads 

Jumped on a call and surprisingly there was no pitch or asking for our work , just pure value. Paul pointed out a few holes that needed plugging, and walked me through some training,  so I could fix the issues myself. Very happy with the session , highly recommended

Paul Davies

GMB Consultant

What You’ll Get During This Google My Business Free Strategy Call

In our session we will take a deep dive into what is working, what isn't and what you can do all by yourself to improve your GMB profile. 

These steps will ensure your business receives more traffic, enquiries and leads 

Closing the sale is up to you ! 

What I'll do Before the Call

I'll spend around 2 hours analyzing your current brand, online business profile and why you are positioned where you are. 

Along the way I will also be checking out your competitors ....     ( Hint ... I might even find where they are getting the jump on you ! )  

This initial research will help us both when we meet in our strategy session

What Happens During the Call

Together we will go into a high level overview of your current Google My Business listing and we will walk through your listing over a video screenshare.  

You will be able to walk away with a clear set of instructions on what you are doing right , what could be done better and what needs fixing right away ( We always find something that is holding a business back from advancing in the maps rankings )

What Changes After the Call

After the call I will send you a copy of the screenshare along with a list of actionable items based on our meeting. 

Based on what we find I will give you access to our in-house training and the SOP's that will help you complete these tasks. 

When you complete these tasks you will be one step closer to having a better performing GMB listing and being found by your new customers

About Me

No way did I work all this out by myself !

I sourced, and continue to pay for expensive high level coaching from 3 of the best techs in this field. I've then adapted their strategies and built a system, and training process that helps other local business owners WIN more leads from their GMB properties.

What sets me apart from most of my competitors is my ability to see what's working and what's stopped working all of a sudden.

If you get a sudden drop in rankings I can probably tell you why , and how to fix it quickly.

I continue to study , test and keep up to date with all the moves Google makes , so my Clients always keep ahead of the pack !

Why Others Recommend Having a Free GMB Consultation Call

I've worked in a broad range of industries but the one thing that is common from every one of the Clients I've worked with is .... They are all happy with the results !

Greg Malone

Custom Auto & Marine Trimmer

I spent just over 30 minutes on a call I then implemented the three GMB items Paul
suggested that I jump on straight away. It worked ..within a week we were receiving more calls than the previous 2 months of tracking


Corporate Sales Trainer- Marriage Celebrant

Just a quick message to say thanks Paul , as we have come from page 7 to page 2 and even being on page 2 we have seen a big change in enquiries. Look forward to working with you to get into that 'Snack Pack' on page one ! Thanks , Karen 

Martin Wolhuter

Steel Fabricator

I have been tracking my GMB stats for over 12 months. Leads were declining so I booked a call, and Paul got straight into our site pointed out a few things that made total sense and after making a few edits as suggested our stats are now showing month on month traffic increases

What Are You Waiting For ?

Let’s Increase Your Inbound Calls From 

Your Google My Business Listing !